4 Reasons to Consider Simulation Services

Simulation services for CFD and FEA is a strategic investment.  To make it worthwhile, the return on that investment can vary from saving time and money during product development to increasing competiveness in the marketplace.  Here we share a few reasons why our clients chose to collaborate with us on their recent engineering projects:

  • Extremely urgent timing to complete engineering simulation.
  • Physical testing is cost-prohibitive and takes too long.
  • Complex application is beyond internal capabilities.
  • Testing is highly impractical.

Reason #3 of 4: Testing is Impractical

The majority of our Architectural, Engineering and Construction (AEC) clients all face the same challenge; their applications are just too large to easily test in a lab environment.  Buildings, generator yards and data centers cannot really be tested until they have been built, which is usually far too late to easily mitigate any issues found during operation. 

Scale modeling with similitude is one possible alternative, but even that approach typically cannot match the turnaround time and detailed insight provided by CFD and FEA services.

To instill confidence that there will be no issues with the proposed design, our AEC clients and even the building owners will request CFD services to obtain virtual performance insight well in advance of groundbreaking ceremonies.

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