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CFD for Manufacturing Facilities

Large manufacturing facilities move enormous amount of air (millions of CFM) to keep the space comfortable for people and within the appropriate operating temperature range for equipment.

AEC specifications for air changes per hour and the heat from equipment, lighting, and occupants can be used in hand calculations, along with building insulation and seasonal data, to determine the amount of bulk air flow required.  Most HVAC systems have classically been sized in this manner.

The simple calculations used to classically size HVAC systems provide a starting point; however, the results are limited by their inability to account for the numerous variables (obstructions, local concentrations of loads, distribution systems, HVAC and equipment layouts, etc) of building performance.  To ensure these systems don’t underperform, they are typically over engineered by moving more air than needed, increasing operating costs due to electricity consumption and maintenance.

By modeling building performance in 3D with Computation Fluid Dynamics, we’re able to uncover local and global deficiencies, identify opportunities to improve performance, and evaluate multiple what-if design scenarios to optimize performance.

Prediction of temperature distribution in a large manufacturing facility:

Initial system allows heat to spread throughout the building, increasing load on the HVAC system.

Optimized system contains heat and more effectively manages HVAC load.

 news-sim-2019-jun-mfg1  news-sim-2019-jun-mfg3
 news-sim-2019-jun-mfg2  news-sim-2019-jun-mfg4


In most instances we’re able to drastically improve the movement of heat and air, through strategic distribution and optimization of ventilation components, to reduce operating energy costs by appreciable amounts.  We have helped multiple clients save hundreds of thousands of dollars on yearly electric bills by optimizing HVAC distribution systems.

Please contact us to review the performance of your facilities.


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