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Electronics Example

Most electronics packaging companies rely heavily on thermal performance.  Electronic systems can be deployed in harsh environments (dessert, space, etc) with internal components that generate a lot of heat and have to be kept under a temperature limit.

When the Sim Specialists division of Hagerman and Co. become an extension of your engineering team, we evaluate the performance of a product, identify opportunities for improvement, and virtually validate a design solution.  The deliverable for each project is a report documenting our assessment, along with the project assumptions and recommendations.

As an example, we helped improve the thermal performance of an Air Transport Rack (ATR) for the defense industry.  Multiple heat generating PCBA’s are held in place by card guides and wedge locked into the sidewall.  The heat is conducted from the PCBA’s, through the chassis, and naturally convected into the surrounding environment.


ATR with PCBA’s

ATR Thermal Performance

 news-sim-2019-july-elec-1  news-sim-2019-july-elec-2


For this project, the sidewall surface area was a critical variable to be optimized for thermal performance and manufacturability, as the machining process can be costly and time consuming.  The initial “Pin Fin” configuration performed well thermally, but required many vertical and horizontal CNC passes.  We evaluated various side wall designs to converge on an optimal thermal and manufacturing solution.

If you’re interested in reviewing the project report as a sample our work, please click the link below to download the PDF.

Download Sample Electronics Project Report

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