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Increase the Accuracy of Your Next Simulation

Increase the Accuracy of Your Next Simulation

It’s not always easy to maximize the effectiveness of design simulation, without access to the right resources when you tackle complex projects, especially with tight deadlines. However, when using simulation software appropriately, the benefits include:

  • fewer prototypes

  • greater freedom to experiment with innovative design solutions

  • reduced time-to-market

We all strive for better cost control and the ability to accelerate production timelines, and having Hagerman as a resource will enable you in many cases, to make the impossible possible. Due to how complex design projects have become, world-class design and engineering firms often rely on companies like Hagerman to provide simulation services to fill gaps in capabilities and support.

As an example, we’ve highlighted major challenges most firms face with project simulation, and a few ways to solve those challenges thanks to having an extended resource.

What Happens Without the Right Expertise and Support

No matter how capable the design and engineering team is, there often seems to be a skill or software a project calls for that no one on the existing team can completely utilize. It’s a common problem that every firm faces at one time or another, and due to the speed of expansion of technology, it’s becoming more common.

You can continue to search for and hire team members with the skills to better use the software you’ve acquired. Yet, given the tight timelines companies face today, it’s critical to have a resource you can draw on immediately. 

The Wrong Tool for the Job

It isn’t always possible to budget for an assortment of specialized software to produce the variety of simulations needed to address the parameters of complex projects. Design projects are a mixed bag of critical elements, and a project may demand specialized software not currently available at your firm. The fastest and simplest solution to this challenge is to leverage a firm that acts as an extension of your existing engineering team. That type of extended resource can provide not only the knowledge, experience, and expertise, but also the necessary simulation software for the job.

In doing so, partnering with Hagerman’s engineering simulation service provider will combine your legacy simulation knowledge with your goals for any current initiative. This allows you to lower costs, produce optimized designs, and expedite the completion of your projects.

Minimize Physical Testing and Guesswork

Minimize Physical Testing and Guesswork

For many manufacturing firms, the only way to find out if a product works is to complete the entire design process, build a physical prototype, and evaluate the results. The process can be painstakingly long and increase costs. Engineering simulation makes it possible to test out innovative solutions early on in the design phase and compress the timeline.

For example, Safelumin, a manufacturer of LED emergency lights, worked with Hagerman’s Sim Specialists to speed up their engineering process by at least four months and deliver an optimized product to market much faster than the industry standard.

Key Components of Effective Simulation Services and Support

Key Components of Effective Simulation Services and Support

To take advantage of simulation without having to bear the overhead of hiring a team or purchasing all the necessary software, you can use a professional service such as Sim Specialists exclusively available at Hagerman. Our team of experienced simulation consultants can act as an extension of your design team during the design and validation process and either train your team to use the software or manage the project for you.

Projects can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks, depending on the scope and complexity of the simulation required. We go through a process that involves three phases:

  1. Web meetings: We’ll review CAD drawings (or even representative sketches), assess business objectives, and establish a timeline for the project.
  2. Collaboration: We’ll work closely with your team to set up the simulation required based on the needs of your project and the business objectives. We’ll have additional meetings and provide project updates to ensure that we’re on the right track.
  3. Delivery: We’ll share the simulation results and help you implement any necessary changes to your design. We’ll also provide a report documenting all of our findings for future reference.

The simulation professionals at Hagerman combine decades of experience with cutting-edge technologies. Our experts work as an extension of your design and engineering team to help optimize design and increase efficiencies of your processes.

Click here to learn more about Simulation Services at Hagerman.

Hagerman offers a variety of design software services that provide the right software and expertise, to improve the accuracy and effectiveness of your next design simulation.

To learn more sign up for our upcoming 5/1/18 webcast. The Benefits of CFD and FEA Simulation Services. 

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