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Increasing Manufacturing Efficiency with Simulation

A major Detroit Automotive OEM came to us with a dilemma. They discussed wanting to increase the efficiency of their current processes by adding temperature-sensitive machinery to their existing transmission facility. However, the main concern was that the machinery would need to reside in an area where tempered air met un-tempered air. The fluctuations in the surrounding temperature would correspond with unacceptable deviations in the product, diminishing quality and potentially leading to structural failure of the finished product.

While they had a few ideas on how to make sure the environment around the new machinery was optimal for performance, they couldn’t afford the time and cost to manually try them. That’s when experts from the Sim Specialists Division of Hagerman stepped in to perform simulations.

So how did simulation help this automotive OEM? In a nutshell, it validated the performance of the most optimal design BEFORE they ordered the equipment and started construction. Think about the millions of dollars in savings right there!

Understanding that wall length and the HVAC system in the area were the main concern, a Sim Specialists expert was able to show how different scenarios would impact the temperature around the machinery. After multiple “what-if” scenarios, the team was able to present an engineering justification of various solutions to support the decision-making process.


This iterative process and team collaboration led to a successful project outcome before construction on the facility even began. With the final simulated-design, this automotive OEM was able to come away with:

  • Lower energy costs.
  • Prevention of potential product and machine breakdowns.
  • Lower construction costs.
  • Minimal disruptions to facility operations.

Intrigued? Contact us and see how simulation can help increase your manufacturing efficiency.

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