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Top 4 Reasons for Simulation Services

Posted by Mark Decker on Jul 12, 2017 9:30:00 AM

 Simulation services is a strategic investment. The return on that investment may vary from saving time and money to increasing competiveness.  Here are four reasons why companies chose to collaborate on their engineering projects with Sim Specialists, a division of Hagerman & Company.

1. Urgent Timing


A flow control supplier, while in the process of purchasing CFD (computation fluid dynamics) software, also had immediate issues with a client installation.


Our simulation consulting experts were used to quickly obtain performance insight and help

fix the problem. Then, our consultant provided custom training, using the same model, to the users.

cfd3.jpgCFD consultants quickly provided insight on fluid velocities,
flow balance and pressure drop in this fluid distribution manifold.

2. Costly Testing

An oil and gas company needed to validate a new high-pressure flange design. Structural FEA (finite element analysis) simulation services was the cost-effective solution to avoid the expense and lead time of wasted connceptual prototypes that would have required machining or new castings.  Hagerman simulation services provided design insight in hours instead of weeks.


Using FEA simulation to determine deflection and stress on this
high pressure flange avoids wasted prototypes, saving both time and money.

3. Testing is Impractical

The majority of our Architectural, Engineering and Construction (AEC) clients all face the same challenge – their applications are just too large to test in a lab environment. Additionally, a building cannot be tested until construction has been completed. To obtain assurance that there will be no performance issues, CFD services are used to obtain virtual design insight prior to breaking ground.


aec6.jpgMany AEC applications, such as this datacenter, are
so large that upfront physical testing is nearly impossible.

4. Uncharted Waters

A store appliance manufacturer had been a long-time casual user of CFD when they reached out to us. They had a new application that was outside of their expertise and experience. Other companies with implemented software will also use simulation services in order to address bandwidth issues. By letting consultants do the “heavy lifting,” their time is better spent on other critical aspects of the project to insure it is kept on track.

This refrigerated display case has both forced and natural
convection and will require a specific setup for CFD


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